Prof Dirk Kotzé

Prof Dirk Kotzé is lecturing at Unisa since the beginning of 1988 in the Department of Political Sciences. He is a Council member of the South African Association of Political Studies and was also an Executive Committee member and one of the Vice-Presidents of the International Political Science Association. He studied at the Universities of Stellenbosch, Pretoria, and Wits in Political Science. His most important areas of specialisation are South African politics and political conflict resolution. It includes focus areas such as negotiations, transitions and democratization processes, elections, the quality of democracy, political cartoons, international relations, land reform, and political parties. He was directly involved in the transition processes in South Sudan and Madagascar. In addition to lecturing at Unisa, he also lectured Politics for about 12 years on a part-time basis at TUT for the Journalism students. On the international level, he lectured and studied at Northwestern University in Chicago, at Uppsala University in Sweden and at the Middle Eastern Technical University in Ankara.